I have seen the writing on the wall!

This activity was inspired by a photo dear Nora Touparlaki uploaded on her Facebook account and it immediately struck me as a great creative writing activity. All you need is a washable pen which also writes on the wall or in case that’s not an option some construction paper or card stock. The idea is simple, you ask your students to write a story but instead of drawing the story setting on a piece of paper, you transfer the action on the wall.
This was the original picture but you can find more amazing wall decals here

Possible ideas

Hole to another universe: What is the new universe like? How many planets/stars/galaxies does it consist of? Describe the new planet/galaxy you would like to live in.

Eyes on the wall: Using construction paper, create two big eyes on the wall. Ask your students to imagine they woke up and realised someone was staring at them through the wall. Who is this person? What do they want from your students?

A door within a doorCreate a door by gluing black tape or black construction paper on your classroom door. Ask students to imagine where this new door could lead to.
  Road on the wall/Arrow on the wall: Draw two lines on the wall and create a road or an arrow.  In the case of the road version. tell your students to imagine the road is leading to a city within the wall. What does the city look like? What about its citizens? In case you use an arrow, ask them to imagine what the arrow points at.

Hello, how are you? on the wall: Ask your students to imagine who is talking to them and why. How would they keep the conversation going?
For even more inspiration, look here

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