#30GoalsEdu: Share your EdTech Success story

As a huge tech-enthusiast, I always try to find new ways to incorporate technology in my lessons. Like many other educators, I also feel that technology integration is essential if we are to connect our students with today’s world and effectively prepare them for the future ahead. That being said, my students and I have tried our hands on many web tools and created lots of wonderful things including:

What I’d like to share with you today though is my latest endeavour which will hopefully be included in my lessons to come. I’ve always been interested in coding, but it’s only recently that I actually started coding myself. The whole learning journey has been fascinating so far! Lots of ups and downs along the way, feelings of both encouragement and disappointment. I’ve got a long way ahead of me, but coding has helped me in so many ways that I’m seriously thinking of incorporating coding experimentation in my lessons. Now, after weeks of working on HTML and CSS, I can proudly present my first animations! I’m still at the beginning of my journey, but I hope I’ll have more examples to share with you once I learn more.

See the Pen dYyPde by Maria Theologidou (@MariaTheo) on CodePen.


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