Happy and honoured to receive The Liebster Award!

I was actually in the process of jotting down some ideas from my blog when Marusia from English with Russie inboxed me last night to let me know she nominated my blog for the Liebster award. It was the best news I could ask for! First of all, being nominated by Marusia whose site/blog and e-zine are always a source of inspiration is a great honour, so I’d like to thank her for that. Secondly, the award itself – an online award for bloggers by bloggers- is another reminder of how strong the blogging community is and how much it means to support the blogging voices that motivate our own blogging journey.

Part of accepting this award involves writing about one of my favourite blogs. There are many blogs I follow, but if I had to choose one only this would have to be Hana Ticha’s blog, How I see it now. Apart from being one of the very first blogs I started following/reading, I love Hana’s reflective posts that always resonate with the classroom experiences and post-classroom thoughts or concerns we all have. I also admire her for being a prolific blogger whose source of ideas/inspiration seems to be endless. So, thank you, Hana, for being one of the reasons why blogging means so much to me!

Accepting the award also implied that I should share with you 10 random facts about me. In the past I shared 11 random facts about me as part of the blog challenge of the same title, so I’ll make sure not to repeat myself and write 10 new random facts about me, 5 personal ones and 5 ELT-related ones 🙂

  1. My favourite colours are black and lavender purple.
  2.  Music has always been my passion – apart from singing, I used to play the drums.
  3. I love dogs, my favourite breed is chow chows.
  4. I love sunny weather and going on long walks in the countryside.
  5.  My favourite spices/herbs to use when cooking are smoked paprika and cumin.
  6.  By the end of this school year, I’ll have been teaching for approx. 14 years!
  7.  I love storytelling, therefore I use lots of gestures and facial expressions when I speak/teach.
  8.  One of my dreams is to give a TED talk one day!
  9.   I get bored easily, so I always use games or interactive activities in my lessons.
  10. 2017 marked a lot of firsts for me including being one of the many inspiring educators/writers for the recent British Council publication on creativity entitled “Integrating global issues in the English language classroom”. You can download the book for free here

Following the tradition of showing our appreciation and passing on the award to fellow inspiring bloggers, I’d like to nominate the following:








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