Conference presentations / Publications

Conference presentations/ workshops (2019 – until now)

  1. “Promoting kindness and empathy in the Upper Secondary exam classroom”, talk delivered at IATEFL YTLSIG Webconference 2024: ‘Each Child, Every Child, and the Whole Child’, January 2024
  2. “From reflective teachers to reflective learners: building learners’ reflection skills”, presentation at the online 28th Annual International TESOL MTH Conference, April 2023
  3. “Hello, can anybody hear me?” Promoting Student Voice in online learning environments”, ALS House Studies, 2-day CPD event, Thessaloniki, Greece, March 2022
  4. “From Rhymes to Rights”, presentation at the 42nd Annual International TESOL Greece Conference, April 2021
  5. “Practical activities towards promoting empathy and kindness in the ELT classroom”, ALS House Studies online workshop, January 2021
  6. “Collaborative Learning Experiences & Student Voice in the Digital Classroom”, TESOL Greece Daring the virus online event series, June 2020
  7. “Creativity in the upper secondary exam classroom”, presentation at IATEFL YLT’s SIG Annual Web Conference, October 2019
  8. “Classroom Objects Revisited”, 10×10 EFL talks joint event with TESOL MTH [online], November 2019
  9. “#backtoschool The Power Of Insteads: Practical Alternatives to Classroom Practices”, Autumn ’19 Thessaloniki IP Exhibition, Thessaloniki, Greece, September 2019


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