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I'm Maria, an EFL teacher and teacher trainer (Cambridge DELTA, BA in English Language and Literature, MA in Audiovisual Translation) located in Greece who’s been teaching learners of all ages and levels for the past 18+ years.

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Throughout this exciting journey (you can read more about it here) one thing has remained constant for me and that is that a teacher is first and foremost a lifelong learner. That might explain why I always jot down teaching ideas and why I’m a Conferences/Conventions/Webinars etc addict. You can find a list of my most recent Conference presentations/workshops and publications here. Apart from teaching, I also love Audiovisual Translation and worked as a translator and subtitler for many years.

What can you find on my site?

I’ve always felt that sharing helps us develop and become a better version of ourselves. This site is an evolution of my blog which I started about 10 years ago and which has now grown to feature links to my online lessons, teacher training sessions and resources. As a teacher, I love experimenting with new ideas so that I can create learning experiences that are not simply student-centered, but aim to be student-driven too. My site is a reflection of this teaching vision and I hope that it will grow into becoming a community of lifelong teacher learners who always explore new waters!

What else?

If I’m not writing/crafting/preparing for class, you will find me learning new skills (I recently finished an exciting course on Project Management), singing and playing music with friends, cooking, reading or watching (tons of) films and TV series.

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