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Unfortunately I had very limited time to read all the recent posts of bloggers I follow but I was lucky enough to read Sandy Millin‘s post about sketchnoting which was inspired by Christina Rebuffet-Broadus sketchnotes at the latest IATEFL conference. First, I must admit I really envy Christina for her amazing notes and I wish my attempts looked half as beautiful as hers. Secondly, I thought I should definitely take part in Sandy’s drawing challenge. Doodling is something that I’ve always done as a student and I remember how bad I felt when teachers actually caught me in action! The truth though is that sketching helped me remember, that’s why I always draw on board during my lessons. I have used sketches to play games, introduce vocabulary, review grammar and so forth.
Drawing Challenge Rules
The rules for this challenge are the following:
1. Choose four things you often have to draw in the classroom, or that you’ve had bad experiences drawing in the past (!). I suggest a person doing a particular action or job, an animal, a vehicle, and a miscellanous object, but you can draw whatever you like.
2. Draw them in any way you see fit (on a board, on paper, on a tablet…) but don’t spend any more time on it than you would in a lesson.
3. Share the results for us to guess what they are.
Actually the drawing you’ll see is part of a game I often play with my A1-A2 students when reviewing Past Continuous – Past Simple. It’s called “Stop the Action” and they have to draw something inside each frame (usually using a different colour) to stop the people from completing their actions. Now, of course you’ll have to guess what the actions shown are!

This is the first stage of the game

And this is stage 2 – this time drawn by me

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  1. Thanks for your contribution Maria! I really like the idea of this game.
    I'm just going to guess the first one for now to give others a chance 🙂 I think it's a ghost that's appeared on the road. Is that right?

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