#30GoalsEdu: Build Your Teacher’s Survival Kit

The next goal I’ve always wanted to do from the 30 Goals Challenge is the Teacher’s Survival Kit one. I’m one of those people who always carry backpacks filled with everything from books to soft balls and stickers. Like most of us, that’s because I always have 2 or more plans up my sleeve before walking into my classroom. Following Shelly’s suggestion, I’ve used Thinglink for my kit and here is a quick preview of my kit . So, my “standard” kit includes

  • My backpack which is actually more or less the same as the one on the picture I uploaded. It’s durable, waterproof and has been a faithful companion in all my teaching adventures !
  • Notebooks & books for obvious reasons. When notebooks are too big to fit in my -already packed- bag, I go for post-it notes.
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters and art supplies for projects, crafts and lots of creative mess!
  • Plans A, B, C or no plan at all because our classes are lively organisms who function in their own ways so I never stick to one plan only.
  • A stress-ball for in-class games.
  • Usborne activity cards & games: I always carry around the “50 things to do on a journey” pack as well as their “Puzzles” tin. They always add a spark of fun and excitement to my lessons, especially when my kids’ energy is running low.
  • Web tools & technology because I love tech-creating and seeing my students experiment with technology.
  • Stickers and rewards because of the proud smiles on their faces/
  • Extra activities for early finishers or elaboration activities on existing book tasks.
  • A big smile and a passion for teaching!

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