#30GoalsEdu: Reflections and a huge thank you!

I was so happy to receive a message from Shelly earlier today with all the badges I was awarded for the goals I’ve managed to accomplish so far. It was once again a reminder of how supportive and encouraging Shelly is and how wonderful it feels to belong to a community of dedicated and inspiring teachers.

Despite not having published any posts on the goals for a long time, there were always on my mind and drafts of goals to be tried were -and still are- stored as drafts on my blog. That’s because the whole process of goal achieving is so motivating that it gets you going even when you are busy with everyday routine.
It’s a movement I’m proud of supporting because it embraces the most important qualities of teaching, that is sharing and spreading. Sharing knowledge, opinions, ideas and spreading kindness, generosity and inspiration.
And to me these are all indispensable elements of teaching. They are more than qualities; they are values each teacher should carry as standard items in their teaching kits.
A huge thank you then to Shelly and everyone on the Goals community! I left my favourite badge for the end because as I have often said music is and has always been my driving force. It was because of music that I became a teacher and it is through music that I have communicated the most important values of life – love, gratitude and compassion.

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