#30GoalsEdu: Visualize your Goals

I finally managed to get round to creating my Goals poster which sums up what I would like to accomplish in life, not only 2016-2017! I’ve decided to use Canva, one of the many amazing tools suggested by Shelly (click here to find out more about the goal and the tools).

Here’s what my poster’s headlines stand for:

  • INSPIRE and be inspired: Inspiration drives most of the decisions we make in our lives and I really hope I’m a source of inspiration to other people, especially my students, as much as they are to me.
  • TRAVEL and explore: Travelling physically and mentally, exploring both the world around us and the world within us.
  • REFLECT and adapt: Take a step back, “filter” poor and sensible decisions, adapt – adjust and move on accordingly
  • LEARN and innovate: Keep the fire of learning alive and using learning as a source of creativity and innovation

My Goals.png

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